Fire Drill Facilitation

A Fire Drill Facilitation will provide practical training on emergency evacuation procedures and the use of the exit facilities for all building occupants. We work with our clients to perform practice fire drills in a frequency that allows them to meet National Fire Code standards.

Fire Drill Frequency

The National Fire Code of Canada has clear regulations around the running of regular fire drills for buildings and properties:

  • Fire drills must be held at intervals no greater than 12 months
  • Greater drill frequency must be seen in schools, residential care facilities, and high-rise buildings
  • All supervisory staff must receive training in fire drill processes and execution.

General Course Description

At Fire Plan Strategies, we offer training and facilitation of fire drills for businesses or buildings of any size. We train your supervisory staff on what to do in an emergency situation. The general training program includes:

  • A lecture or presentation
  • Handout material for future reference
  • A live drill rehearsal
  • Post drill debriefing
  • The creation of a detailed schedule for your building that meets all frequency requirements

After Hour Drills

At times it may be necessary to hold additional fire drills outside the normal working hours for the benefit of employees on different shifts or unavailable at the scheduled times. Emergency response procedures may change with the level of staffing. All persons with designated responsibilities in the fire plan must be aware of their duties.

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