A Fire Safety Plan is a complex document, required by law in most buildings, that describes the procedures for preparedness and response to fire emergencies.

You Need a Fire Plan


High-rise buildings, restaurants, hospitals, arenas, warehouses, and almost all buildings with fire alarm systems require fire safety plans by law across Canada.


Unparalleled Professional Staff


Our team of certified fire inspectors, retired firefighters, and engineers, create Fire Safety Plans for businesses large and small, including: high-rises, hotels, secure government buildings, hospitals, airports, arenas, and warehouses.


Our Fire Safety Plans Include


  • Guaranteed approval through partnerships with local officials
  • Site audit examining every detail of the property
  • Custom drafting with locations of extinguishers, connections, shutoffs, etc.
  • Maintenance schedule tailored for your personal set of life safety systems
  • Printable brochures to distribute to any and all staff or personnel
  • Printable forms to aid in education and awareness.


Emergency Procedure Signage


The most visible aspect of your overall fire safety program is your Emergency Procedure Signage. At Fire Plan Strategies, we produce Emergency Procedure Signage that fit any size, content, or design requirements. Our graphic design capabilities and experience, allow us to work with clients to develop signage that fits the overall interior design of their buildings. At the same time, our buying power and repeatable internal process allow us to create low cost signage when preferred.


Synergistic Training


The law requires all persons with responsibility in a Fire Safety Plan to have fire safety and hazard awareness training in addition to training in their specific duties. Uncommon to the industry, we have the staff, materials, and national reach to offer customized high quality essential training related to fire warden duties and education, fire drill facilitation, and fire extinguisher usage.

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