We are commonly engaged to review and comment on existing Fire Safety Plans. Our experienced team can provide feedback on the quality of the existing plan and help identify hazards and risks that may have been overlooked.

The creation of a comprehensive Fire Safety Plan requires a great deal of practice and expertise. In many organizations a safety officer – sometimes a volunteer – is assigned the responsibility of creating such a plan to protect all of the occupants and staff in a building from disaster.


Often, it is not clear if the Fire Safety Plan will meet all of the fire code requirements. Many fire departments do not offer a plan review service, and building owners sometimes fear that such a review, if undertaken, will lead to large obligations to change their plan.

At Fire Plan Strategies, our team of certified and experienced fire inspectors, firefighters, and engineers will review your existing Fire Safety Plan to ensure it is accurate, fully fleshed out, and in line with the National Fire Code of Canada.

At the end of the assessment, we will provide an official opinion and endorsement assuming the plan meets the fire code requirements. If deficiencies are identified, and we are engaged to address them, the cost of the review is credited towards your Fire Safety Plan.

The core information we review includes:


  • Emergency procedures in case of a fire
  • Description of building life safety systems (fire alarm, sprinkler/standpipe, fire pump, firefighter elevators, emergency generator, fire extinguisher location and maintenance, etc.)
  • Building floor plans
  • Fire drill procedures
  • Maintenance procedures and schedule


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