In addition to a Fire Safety Plan, all provinces require emergency procedures to be prominently posted and displayed in all floor areas.

The National Fire Code of Canada requires that at least one copy of the fire emergency procedures be made highly visible on every floor, and recommends multiple postings for large or complex floors, to ensure that all occupants and visitors know what to do, and where to go, in the case of an emergency.


Our two most popular options are custom full-bleed signs and cost conscious reusable sign holders.


Custom Full-Bleed Signs


Our full-bleed signs are a custom, corner-to-corner print and can have any design and style. Each sign is printed individually and the sign’s graphic design is customizable on the entire sign surface. These signs are well suited to most facilities. Upgrades are available for facilities that: require full wash down, are prone to vandalism, or are looking for a premium aesthetic appeal.


Reusable Sign Holders


Our reusable signs use inserts that allow floor plans and fire safety procedures to be updated if required. These signs can be more cost effective for facilities who frequently update their floor plans or emergency procedures.

The small signs take a single 8.5″ X 11″ insert, while the large signs have space for two 8.5″ X 11″ inserts. We can also create large signs with space for a single, 11″x17″ insert.

Signs are available both ready to install with emergency procedures and building floor plans or empty to be filled with whatever inserts you would like to use.

Reusable signs are available both to our fire plan customers and separately as a retail product. Our retail section has details and pricing information for the large and small pocket-style signs. Contact us about discounts on large orders.

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