Supervisors, building operational staff and other emergency leaders – anyone identified in a Disaster Safety Plan – will benefit from disaster response training. We create and lead workshops that complement a Disaster Plan or cover up to three client selected specific natural disasters scenarios.

Our top-notch and experience-based approach to training means you and your organization will be as prepared as is possible for unfortunate and unexpected disaster scenarios. All persons with responsibility, as outlined in the Disaster Safety Plan must have relevant and specific training.


Our specially designed workshops use a combination of multimedia elements and hands-on practice to cover a variety of scenarios and possibilities. Participants will benefit from knowledge surrounding:


  • Disaster-related health issues
  • The benefits of planning, preparing and practicing for disaster situations
  • Equipment needed for disaster preparedness, including survival kits, first-aid kits, personal workplace kits, air exclusion equipment, water
 storage, wind-safe shelter rooms, and more
  • An overview of natural and unnatural disasters
  • Self-protection and survival methods
  • The responsibilities of everyone named in the Disaster Safety Plan
  • Who to call for help and how to do so
  • How to assist those in need of assistance during an evacuation
  • We also take requests! If you and your organization have specific concerns, we can cater a program that addresses them directly.