The law requires all persons with responsibility in a Fire Safety Plan to have fire safety and hazard awareness training in addition to training in their specific duties. Quality professional training increases people’s ability to manage difficult situations when called upon.

We provide a high-impact, multimedia presentation that is customized to your building’s systems, hazards, and emergency procedures.

Who Requires Training?

It’s of great importance to all people that have responsibilities identified in the Fire Safety Plan, including:

  • Fire Marshal/Warden
  • Supervisory Staff
  • Tenant Fire Wardens
  • Operations Staff
  • Those in need of assistance during an evacuation

Our comprehensive approach to education means that clients will receive detailed training on their custom safety plans, with specific information about each person’s individual role and responsibility.

General Course Description and Objectives

In general, training workshops consist of fire safety and hazard awareness training, and will provide participants with information about:

  • Their role and leadership responsibilities
  • dangerous conditions that could cause a fire or cause it to spread
  • how to react, protect, warn and assist others in the building when a fire or fire alarm condition occurs

Upon completion of the training, attendees will be aware of:

  • Their responsibilities in the event of a fire or emergency
  • The benefit of planning, preparing and practicing
  • Awareness of fire and safety hazards
  • How to isolate and confine a fire to slow the spread
  • Who to call for help, and how to do so
  • Self-protection and survival methods
  • How to help those with mobility limitations
  • Common myths and misconceptions about fire
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